Solar Pool Heating Installation in Riverside County

The Moreno Valley’s Trusted Source for Solar

Southern California is known for its swimming pools and beautiful sunny weather. These things come together when you decide to install a dependable solar energy system to heat your pool. This is an easy and affordable way to heat your pool to a comfortable temperature between the months of April and September when you and your family use your pool the most.

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Designing a Unique System Based on Your Needs

Because thermal PV panels by SunPower® are modular, our Riverside County residential solar experts can design and install a system that matches the size of your pool and the space available.

Solar units can be used to heat a variety of things, including:

The Benefits of a Solar Solution

In addition to dramatically reducing fuel bills for pool heating, solar panel arrays used for your swimming pool can also be linked to your property’s hot water system to provide a combined pool heating and hot water solution, allowing for a greater reduction in your monthly bills. The monetary benefits of making the switch to solar are substantial, and some homes even find that their bills can be eliminated altogether with the installation of a comprehensive solar energy system.

Learn more about making the switch to solar in the Moreno Valley. Our Riverside County solar experts will use our considerable experience to help design and install a system that matches your unique needs.