Residential Solar Solutions in Riverside County

Power Your Home with the Clean Energy of the Sun

If you are looking for a clean, powerful, and efficient energy solution for your home, look no further than the horizon. Solar energy is a cost-effective and environmentally responsible answer to all of your electricity needs. At SunPower® by Precis, our team of Riverside County solar experts will provide your home with the highest quality clean, renewable energy. Having no moving parts, our highly efficient solar panels are silent, easy to maintain, and completely free of pollution.

During a sunny Southern California day, your solar panels will generate more power than you are likely using. This excess will be turned into “credits” with your utility company, which you can then use at night or on cloudy days when solar energy is less abundant.

Solar Solutions Custom-Tailored to Your Energy Needs

From hybrid solar systems, to off-grid solar energy, our company can handle all of your residential solar needs. We can even design and install solar pool heating to get the most out of your energy savings. Our knowledgeable solar experts can evaluate your family's energy needs and recommend a suitable system.

Take advantage of the passion, commitment, and integrity at SunPower® by Precis. Call our Riverside County solar team today at (951) 800-7926. We have nearly 40 years of dedicated service and we are ready to help you.