It Only Takes 3 Easy Steps to Switch to Solar!

Let the Riverside County Solar Panel Installation Experts at SunPower® by Precis Help

Step 1: Get Your Free Quote

Our Riverside County solar panel installation experts provide a thorough property inspection to make sure your property is ready for solar. We will also inform you about any incentives and available tax credits, as well as more information on financing options to help you go solar for a price that fits your budget. Schedule your free estimate when you call (951) 800-7926.

Step 2: Efficient Installation

As a SunPower® Master Dealer, SunPower® by Precis uses the best technology in the industry to create a beautiful, powerful energy system that will save you money for years to come. We work with you, your unique energy needs, and always keep your busy schedule in mind during our fast and easy installation process.

Step 3: Realize Your Energy Savings!

After a thorough inspection, our Riverside County solar panel installation experts will flip the switch to your energy savings. Our powerful and durable panels are meant to not only bring the power of the sun to your property, but to help you realize your savings potential for years to come. We want you to start saving as soon as possible and keep saving for years to come.

Are your ready to make the switch and safeguard your home against rising energy costs? Call our Riverside County solar panel installation experts at SunPower® by Precis at (951) 800-7926 today!
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