Success Stories

Homeowner Saves More Than $400,000 Over 25 Years with Precis Solar System




A homeowner in Riverside, California became fed up with his ever-escalating energy bills.

Residential solar panels presented a possible solution, but the homeowner was concerned over whether the panels would detract from the aesthetic beauty of his home, and if installation would even be possible given the size and shape of the roof, and the shaded areas created by the beautiful trees that surround the property.

The homeowner contacted Precis Solar.

“Our approach on this project, as on all the projects we do, is to customize our products and services to fit the needs of every customer,” said company owner and engineer Brian Hopwood. “We know each home has different characteristics, and a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it.”

A Precis engineer toured the property and designed a 16.8 kW solar power installation with 57 premium E-series PV modules. This would not only be sufficient for nearly all of the energy needs of the homeowner’s 6,000 square-foot residence, it would be compatible with the look and quality of the home and its red clay tile roof.

However, another challenge arose in the timing of the project, which would have to be completed by a fast-approaching date to take full advantage of the 30% federal tax credit, as well as rebates offered by Riverside public utilities.

Precis accessed its national network of suppliers and warehouse facilities, and was able to drop ship the required solar panels to Riverside in time to meet the year-end deadline.

The solar project offsets approximately 100% of the home’s energy costs. Total savings – more than $414,000 over 25 years, not including rebates, incentives and tax depreciation.