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Our mission is to provide solar panels and other clean energy solutions at affordable prices, while never compromising on quality, craftsmanship, or a commitment to customer service.

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Our Mission

The environmental impact of our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels for vehicles and energy production is one of the single greatest issues facing our nation. SunPower® by Precis is committed to doing our part to provide efficient, cost effective, and environmentally responsible ways to deal with the challenge of energy production.

Our Riverside County solar technicians take great satisfaction in transforming the endless energy supplied by our sun into electrical energy you can use every day.

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From Alta Loma to Yorba Linda, and everywhere in between, you can rely on SunPower® by Precis to provide your residential or commercial property with the professional service, skilled assistance, and highly-trained knowledge to design and install a beautiful solar energy system at with the best financing options to fit your needs and budget. Whether you choose to lease, loan, purchase, or use a power purchase agreement (PPA), all options are available at competitive rates lower than your electric bills.

Ready to make the switch?

When you are ready to make the switch to solar, count on SunPower® by Precis. Call us at (951) 800-7926 or contact us online for a free quote to put our decades of solar experience to work for you.

  • How Does Solar Work?

    Although they may look complicated, solar panels have no moving parts and require very little maintenance other than occasional cleaning. An inverter takes the DC power directly from the solar panels and converts it to the same AC power your home uses.

  • How Much Can I Really Save?

    Because solar relies on the power of the sun, there is no need to change your appliances, and there are no batteries involved for an on-grid system! Every savings is different, but on average, we see a 20% decrease in cost!

  • Ready To Take The First Step?

    Precis Solar engineers have over 20 years of experience in all aspects of solar energy. You can always rely on a properly sized and positioned system using the most reputable equipment and installation techniques in the industry. Contact us today!

Ready to Change the Way Your World Is Powered?

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Why Choose SunPower by Precis?

  • Going solar has never been more affordable or convenient.

  • We utilize some of the industry's best products available!

  • We use world-record solar technology - SunPower panels!

  • We offer a best-in-class product warranty.

  • Our services are highly recommended - we're the local experts.

  • SunPower panels are rated #1 for durability & cost-effectiveness.

Simpler, better, more efficient.

SunPower® by Precis helps homeowners and business owners make the switch to solar as easy as 1-2-3. Learn more about our comprehensive solar panels and systems.

How We Solar

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are solar panels made of?

    Photovoltaic (or PV) cells are the basic engine of a solar power system. When sunlight hits solar panels with PV cells, they generate an electric current that is converted into electricity. PV cells are connected together in a solar module, which has a non-reflective glass front, a protective insulating back-sheet and an aluminum frame for strength and mounting.

  • How will solar panels look on my roof?

    They won’t stand out as much as you might think. Today’s solar panels have a low profile design that blends into your roof, and the frames and trim are painted for an attractive finished look.

  • What’s the difference between on & off grid?

    An on-grid system is connected to the utility grid that is utilized for backup energy. For an off-grid system, electricity is generated at the house, typically using solar or wind, with no connection to a utility electricity supply. Batteries used to store energy will provide power continuously, day or night.