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How Solar Panels Work


A home solar system generates clean electricity from sunlight. An inverter takes the DC power directly from the solar panels and converts it to the same AC power your home uses.

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Tired of sky-high energy bills? We’re slashing electrical costs for homeowners by more than 20%, while offering flexible financing options with no payments and no interest on your solar system for up to 18 months on approved credit. Find out how much you can save!

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With Federal Tax Credits, Leasing Programs and other financing options available, going solar is more affordable than ever.

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Solar Panel Benefits

Solar generating systems eliminate or reduce your monthly electric bill and generate clean energy for your home! The electricity generated by your Precis Solar system is clean, renewable, and very reliable. Solar systems add significant value to your home, and studies show that homes with solar will sell faster than those without.

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Incentives and Rebates: Are Solar Panels Worth It?

With Federal Tax Credits, Leasing Programs and other financing options available, going solar is more affordable than ever.

Here you’ll find information about the numerous programs available to those who lease or buy solar panels. Precis Solar will work with you through the qualification process, to make sure you receive the maximum benefit from your responsible green energy purchase.

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How Solar Panels Work


illustration of a house equipped for sale and use solar energy, isolated

illustration of a house equipped for sale and use solar energy, isolated

Although they may look complicated, solar panels have no moving parts and require very little maintenance other than occasional cleaning. An inverter takes the DC power directly from the solar panels and converts it to the same AC power your home uses. There’s no need to change your appliances, and there are no batteries involved for an on grid system. Nothing in your home will have to change.

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canstockphoto5755448Residential Solar Panels

A home solar system generates electricity from sunlight. It’s clean energy that can lower your electric bill while doing something positive for the environment.

Solar panels make no noise and create no pollution – just clean, reliable electricity directly from the sun. At certain times of the day, your solar system will typically create more power than you are using. This excess power will be sent to your electrical meter, causing the meter to run backwards, and gaining “credits” with the utility company. You will then draw these energy credits from the grid on a cloudy day or at night when your system is not producing energy from the sun.

The Federal tax incentives now being offered can substantially reduce the total cost of your solar system.


solar-power-862602_1280Commercial Clean Energy Solutions

In today’s business world, more companies are setting environmental goals to be good corporate citizens. Installing a commercial solar power system is an excellent way to achieve this objective, while also fixing electrical operating costs at a lower rate. This is a chance to go green, lower your electric and/or gas utility expenses and add value to your property.

These commercial incentives are now available:

  • 30% Department of Energy Grant or Federal Tax Credit*
  • MACRS Accelerated Depreciation
  • Year 1 Bonus Depreciation
  • Property Tax Exemption

Solar Panels

In addition to the benefits of reducing electrical consumption and being an environmentally responsible “green” company, current federal incentives make a photovoltaic commercial solar system a shrewd business decision. Besides earning tax credits and having a five-year accelerated depreciation schedule a commercial grade PV system hedges future electric rate hikes. You may also sell your green power “bragging rights” to generate cash income through “green Tag” or Renewable Energy Credit (REC) sales.


This is a great time to invest in wind-generated clean electricity as a supplement to what you receive from your electric utility. When the wind is blowing your business will consume the electricity produced by the wind, thus reducing or eliminating the need for electricity. When there’s no wind, you automatically draw power from the grid. When you produce more electricity than your business consumes at any given time, the excess electricity is fed back into the public utility grid, literally turning your electricity meter backwards!

Solar Engineering Services

Precis Solar engineers have over 20 years of experience in all aspects of solar energy. You can always rely on a properly sized and positioned system using the most reputable equipment and installation techniques in the industry. Engineering services are not always required on commercial solar projects, but if it is necessary Precis Solar have the resources to ensure that your solar project will meet or exceed your operating goals.

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  • “These guys were professional and friendly! My wife wasn’t sure about solar at first but she liked seeing the $17 electric bill as opposed to what we were paying. This is great!”

    — Sal T.
  • “Precis Solar handled my complete solar installation project. They obtained and managed my rebates, my credits, my permits, my construction, and my system installation, my final permitting and job completion. A great company to do business with.”

    — Donald. D.
  • “We’ve used Precis Solar for the last several years and couldn’t be happier with their work. They are prompt, courteous, and professional. We prefer them to all of our friends and relatives who have solar systems or who are interested in getting a solar system.”

    — Jill C.
  • “This is a very professional company, and I’m glad I decided to go with them.”

    — Veronica M., Murrieta, CA
  • “Excellent company for solar…highly recommend to anyone thinking about getting solar!”

    — Scott D., San Diego, CA
  • “Precis did an excellent job in coordinating all the agencies that they had to work through, not an easy task.  They even stood in a waiting line overnight for the state credits.”

    — Gene B., Los Gatos, CA
  • “Awesome! is the word to describe this company”

    — La Tisha S., Carlsbad, CA

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